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"Revealed: 217 Powerful Concepts, Strategies and Techniques, Guaranteed To Multiply Your Profits and Optimise Your Life Results"

"Here's your answer to achieving more with less effort, generating maximum returns from your activities without spending one extra penny, marketing smarter with much higher profitability, promoting your business rapidly and creating the mindset for your personal superior success Ö"
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Dear Business Builder,

    Let me ask you a question... Have you ever wondered why some newly formed business enterprises seem to take off like a rocket, achieving spectacular results in next to no time?

    Or why some established businesses consistently outperforms their competitors even when there's unfavourable circumstances or tough competition?

    What's the answer? Is it luck? Do they all have huge resources? Is it mainly business acumen? Or could it be that they are using specific business and personal growth strategies that make their success predictable?

    The reality is, you can take your business and your personal life from where it is today to where you want it to be,
  • without investing more money
  • without reliance on luck
  • without taking on new staff before you want to
  • without worrying about the competition
  • with absolute certainty that you will succeed
    There are two critical aspects to this balanced growth formula, which can rapidly transform your financial and personal life without risk and starting immediately.

    #1. When you discover that there are essential, clear-cut, business-building, promotional, advertising and marketing strategies to use in any business - then you experience the super-growth that distinguishes the high performing enterprises from the 'also-rans'.

    In a nutshell, you'll discover how to be propelled into the fast growth lane, where new and ongoing streams of sales are generated at a pace you would not normally find possible.

    But the world's best tested and most effective ideas - on their own are not enough -you also must . . .

    #2. Realise and adopt the exact methods used by super achievers to develop mental clarity, razor-sharp focus, genius-class vision and creativity while experiencing increased happiness and personal fulfilment. You'll learn how to almost effortlessly transfuse the strategies and ideas into your career, profession or business and your personal life. And you'll balance your brain, lower your stress levels and make quantum leaps in your self-awareness, concentration, problem solving and much much more.

These Powerful Business-Building Ideas
Are For Everyone...
  • Are you a salesperson or agent needing to sell more products and close more sales?
  • Are you new to business, or perhaps part-time and can't afford to make too many mistakes?
  • Or maybe you're established, or wanting to diversify and need to gain powerful competitive advantage
  • Perhaps you're an e-tailer, or a web-site creator, a software producer or an entrepreneur in another field
  • Or you're a professional, a consultant or accountant, a financial planner perhaps - and you're desperate to increase your client bank
Or maybe you are . . .
  • A retiree who needs an exciting way to earn some extra cash
  • Stuck in a dead-end job and need a challenging way to earn extra money in a new business
  • Fed up with the 9-5 job grind
  • Ready to make a risk-free career change
    It doesn't make a difference. You want major success. Right? Now listen carefully to this - It's very important...

    You can have it all the moment you realise that growing your business is all to do with working on your business instead of in your business. And that means adapting and applying the critical ideas, concepts and strategies that I'm going to introduce you to.

    You'll be exposed to 47 business changing keys and 11 special reports. Together these provide a collection of 217 powerful concepts, strategies and techniques which will cause geometric increases to your business and personal life results.

    Best of all, you'll find these ideas surprisingly simple and straightforward to put into action.

    Most businesses, careers or professions are like a rocket trying to get off the launch pad with the wrong mixture of fuel in its tanks. At best it will ignite and rise a few feet and then fizzle out or explode, at worst it won't even take off!

    Yet when the precise fuel ingredients are correctly blended, ignition causes a massive surge of power and the rocket majestically thunders off the launch pad, gaining incredible momentum second by second until it almost glides effortlessly, ever upwards on course to its destination.

    Wouldn't it be better that you had the exact ingredients mix for your personal and financial future?

Skyrocket Your Sales By Quantum Leaps
    Using any one of these potent concepts will have significant impact on boosting your sales and improving your bottom-line profits. But when you combine them, your business or career grows exponentially because of the multiplying, synergistic affect this combination has on your production.

    Essentially, this is what will happen in your business...
  • you'll dramatically and immediately increase the response to your advertising
  • you'll experience a significant improvement in your inquiry-to- sales conversions
  • you'll achieve measurably better results from your sales team
  • you'll benefit from being able to organise high-return joint ventures and alliances with non-competing businesses
  • you'll focus on sales generating, marketing-driven activities, cutting down on time wasting tasks
  • you'll be positively distinguished and differentiated from your competition
    In short, every aspect of your business will reflect the power of these principles through greatly improved results.

Create Your Roadmap For A Successfully Balanced Life
    And these are some of the breakthroughs you'll notice in your personal life . . .
  • How to stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, (scientists call it "whole brain functioning") balancing your brain and leading you to a high performance state.
  • How to dramatically improve your learning ability, memory, creativity, intuition, concentration, vision and ability to think more clearly.
  • How to achieve quantum leaps in your personal self awareness and experience change in the way you perceive yourself and your world.
  • How to speed up solutions to life long problems through achieving spontaneous deep insights.
  • How to significantly lower your stress levels and increase your mental thresholds.
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    In short you'll be amazed! Life begins to flow, energy increases, profound positive changes take place within the structure of the nervous system, good thing begin to happen as if by coincidence, achievement becomes easier, taking business risks for success aren't as frightening. You'll become more relaxed, less anxious, more centered, and enjoy more meaningful relationships.

    When you are functioning in your optimum state and you know how and what to do to achieve maximum performance and results - then expect a magnificent transformation in both your business and personal life.

The Smart Achievers Master Plan
    And how am I going to learn about these systems and make them work in my ventures? I hear you ask. Well, guess what, as a business and marketing innovator and strategist and personal self-improvement consultant I have brought it all together beautifully in my latest publication - THE SMART ACHIEVERS MASTER PLAN.

    Throughout my twenty-five year business career, I have identified hundreds of little known but potent, instantly workable, profit generating and business boosting strategies.

    By observing hundreds of different businesses over the years - some achieving incredible growth others struggling or failing - I discovered that most businesses squander their marketing money and efforts, because they are not aware of how to use these 'insider secrets'.

    The sad fact is that for the same or even less marketing expenditure any business can skyrocket their sales by quantum leaps.

    It's a matter of knowing and consistently applying the right systems - the exact ones that I teach in my new publication "The Smart Achiever's Master Plan". It's the ultimate blueprint for achieving optimum performance through effectively promoting your business while developing the real you.

    The Smart Achiever's Master Plan contains the 47 identified secrets that will maximise your business and life performance, plus 11 special wealth building Bonus Reports that will accelerate your growth.

Maximise your Business Performance with these
47 'Insider Secrets'
    Not only will you make more money by avoiding the expensive marketing mistakes that most other businesses make, but you will learn the precise growth strategies created to propel your business into the stratosphere. Want to know what these 47 business boosters are all about

    Here they are . . .
  1. Realise it's 10% product and 90% PRADMAR (promotion, advertising and marketing)
  2. How and why you must Test, Track, Review, Analyse, Measure and Evaluate every aspect of your marketing and sales process
  3. How and why you must change from institutional to direct response advertising
  4. Discover and develop your U.S.P (unique selling proposition)
  5. Learning the lifetime value of your client for optimisation
  6. The importance of keeping regularly in touch
  7. There are only 3 ways to grow your business
  8. How to use the power of risk reversal to increase results by up to 300%
  9. A new doubly more effective way to construct a flyer
  10. How to recognise and utilise the power of leverage in your business
  11. A fast, low cost, highly profitable method of developing beneficial strategic alliances
  12. Why it pays to personally sell
  13. Why the second purchase is critical
  14. Why you must never make this mistake with your company brochures
  15. How to increase your sales results from 10% to 85% plus
  16. Give graphics their proper place
  17. Conclusive proof of why you should advertise in good times and bad
  18. A foolproof way of positioning yourself as an expert in your field
  19. How and why you should make it enjoyable for people to do business with you
  20. Why you must treat all your marketing like sales people
  21. Accelerate your sales with Database Marketing
  22. Why you should go national with your advertising
  23. A way to offer your products to increase immediate profits
  24. Ask your customers this question and they will respond and co-operate more
  25. Avoid this type of Market Research unless you like throwing money away
  26. Understanding your customer's psychological buying process can greatly enhance your performance
  27. The more you tell the more you sell
  28. How to direct your marketing focus to your intended customers only
  29. A guaranteed method of obtaining referrals from your clients
  30. How to predetermine the viability of a proposed direct mail shot
  31. The formula for successful radio advertising
  32. How to get powerful endorsements
  33. Why keeping abreast of changing technology could keep you profitably ahead of your competition
  34. What you need to know about infomercials
  35. A clever way to use a video to skyrocket your sales
  36. A new way to provide your prospects with stimulating visual, factual and persuasive information
  37. The telephone and fax marketing bonanza that you shouldn't miss out on
  38. The big mistake that most marketers make with the A.I.D.A Formula(Attention, Interest, Desire and Action)
  39. The one simple vital fact you must understand to make PR work
  40. How 'special events' can help you connect with your customers and prospects
  41. How to increase your sales and your prices
  42. A simple overlooked system that can increase sales by up to 10 times
  43. How to use 'outrageous' ways to dramatise your sales letters and gain instant attention
  44. What you need to do before you can put passion in your print
  45. Why follow-up is essential and how to do it right
  46. Why you must handle complaints effectively and keep your customers happy
  47. The 7 best ways to achieve believability
    And remember not only will you absorb this essential, practical, hard-hitting, profit-generating information but you further benefit from the wisdom contained in the 11 full-length bonus reports. Here's a summary of them...

Magical Report #1
"How to Grab Attention with Powerful
Headlines to Multiply your Sales".
    In this report, you'll learn all about one of the most important and critical factors in direct response advertising - "How To Grab Response With Headlines To Multiply Your Sales". This is an eye opening, no nonsense account of a fascinating subject.

    It covers why headlines are 90% of the formula, how to create High Response Headlines, the exact system to follow for success, the 38 magic words that will add power to your headlines, the best books on the subject - these should be in every businessman's bookshelf! There are even 17 examples of headlines to spark ideas for you.

Magical Report #2
"All You Need To Know About Direct Mail Marketing".
    This is another spell binding treatise - No less than 70 hard hitting proven gems of wisdom to enable you to effectively master the art of Direct Mail Marketing. These are the real truths that you must follow for lasting success in this field.

    You'll discover what the seven types of P.S. are to use in your letters and why you must use a P.S. to boost response. You'll read about the 8 point plan to follow if you want to keep you readers absorbed in your message. Why you must know what people read first, second, third and fourth in your sales letters and why you can double or triple response by applying certain techniques to these four areas. How to keep your letter flowing, what type faces work best, when to carry out a follow up mailing, what's the most responsive list you can use and much much more. In 10 minutes you'll know what the experts took years to discover.

Magical Report #3
"How To Make Your Yellow Pages© Ad Pull In Five Times
More Business Than Your Competitors".
    Knowing this formula could be worth many thousands of pounds to you in extra business - sales that your competitors would have picked up. The Yellow Pages directory can be a goldmine of an opportunity for you. But for most people it's one of the most unproductive costliest expenditures they ever make in their business lives. When you know the secrets exposed in this report you'll love paying your Yellow Pages bill - because now it will be a great investment. Here's an extract ..

    "Getting your ad read is 80% of the battle. If anyone who needs the products or services that your business offers, opens the Yellow Pages, at your section - they will definitely read your ad when you use this powerful proven method."

Can you honestly say you don't need this information?

And there's more:

Magical Report #4
"How to use Quality Premium Incentives to Motivate Staff and Customers, and Boost Your Bottom Line Profits".
    In this fascinating article you'll learn everything you need to know about the effective use of promotional systems in your business. It's the sure way to steal a competitive edge and glide into the fast growth lane.

    You'll discover the right way to use leisure related promotions to grow your sales and profits. You will see how to install a promotion in your business and how sales promotions will increase your market share. How to add details of the promotion to your ads is also fully covered and how the word FREE will now greatly increase your response.

Magical Report #5
"How you can use a Humble Little Postcard to
create a flood of business to your Door".
    This is an amazingly successful system - when you know exactly how to use the formula!! It's a low-budget high return system that can be applied to almost any business or practice with startling results.

Magical Report #6
"How you can mail 10,000 letters per week
at absolutely no cost".
    Sounds almost unbelievable but wait until you read this - you'll be amazed! It's a scientific logical foolproof and mega-money saving system that I stumbled upon a few years ago.

    Even today very few know about this and those that do are really cleaning up. You will learn exactly how to capitalise on this powerful no cost sales boosting idea and how to put it into operation immediately right within your own business community.

Magical Report #7
"How to spend less and make more with the
'2-Step' Advertising System".
    Next in Bonus Report No. 7 you'll learn the precise steps you must take to accumulate the highest financial rewards from a gem of an idea known as "The 2-Step Advertising System". Thousands of knowledgeable people world-wide have used this idea starting with very limited funds, and snowballing them into a fortune. You too can use this system regardless of how limited your advertising funds are right now. It's a priceless low cost big return system.

Magical Report #8
"53 Insights into Successful Direct Selling".
    You can absorb the pearls of wisdom from a star salesman in Bonus Report No. 8. Here I discuss the 53 winning precepts for successful direct selling. This is vital information for anyone who is involved in face to face selling or for those who are involved with training sales people. Whether you have one or several salespeople in your organisation or even if you are thinking of starting a sales force - then you need to have this impactful advice. I developed this as a result of many years of hard knocks experiences on the road to becoming a brilliant salesman, trainer and motivator.

    This report is jam packed with a wide variety of interesting, useful, and immediately usable information to suit both new and seasoned sales oriented people. You'll love it.

Magical Report #9
"How to get Free Advertising with up to
5 Times the Pulling Power".
    This report could, on its own, be worth many millions to you. The technique has been used by several businesses ' in the know' who have transformed their business futures as a result. Now you can use the system too. All is revealed!

Magical Report #10
"The Absolute Musts for Successful Internet Marketing".
    You will learn much of the neglected and overlooked basic essentials to making money on the Net. This report is not designed to be an in-depth technical masterpiece but without this 'Marketing Slanted' knowledge all else is useless. You'll discover some interesting reasons as to why certain informed people are 'cleaning up' in this sector.

Each and every one of these sales boosting strategies can multiply your business results immeasurably. When you systematically apply them to your business as I suggest in the Smart Achiever's Master Plan, your sales will explode and your bottom line profits will shoot up to levels you have only dreamed about until now. The value attached to these ideas is incredible.

To obtain information of this quality from a comparable seminar you would expect to pay around £3000-£5000. In fact my minimum consultancy fee is £1500 for a single straightforward marketing project undertaking and substantially more for larger more complex full development plans.


Magical Report #11
"Create your own personal roadmap for outstanding success".
    To make profound and lasting changes in your life - the ones that you most desire - will require you to focus on your own personally created road map. In the creating of your road map I will discuss concepts such as life purpose, values, goals, focus, intention, behaviour, habit and others and show you how these are interlinked, and interrelated and how they work to almost magically lead you along your chosen path.

    This material is perhaps the most important and meaningful information you are likely to come across. It is powerful, transformational and based on immutable universal laws that never fail.

Yours For A Fraction Of Its True Value
    These 47 leading insider secrets plus the 11 special bonus reports are yours for a tiny fraction of the cost of obtaining this valuable information any other way. This bulging informational manuscript, is the one definite publication you need if you are seriously keen on building a profitable business or rapidly transforming your life. It's your one sure way of knowing the exact precise strategies and philosophies to apply to your life and business to create your desired growth objectives.
". . . integrates the world's timeless wisdom and contemporary business strategems . . . while bringing you harmony and balance. This plan can transform your life. I love it.
Joe Vitale
Bestselling Author of "Spiritual Marketing"
"Your whole concept involves helping others improve both their businesses and themselves. I personally benefited enormously even though I already receive substantial income from my business interests".
John Lisgo
Publisher, Entrepreneur
"I am glad to have been associated with you during the past five years and for introducing me to your marketing systems. I have over three hundred clients using ideas you have introduced me to, I cannot estimate the huge amount of new business generated that you are indirectly responsible for."
Fred Gray
"As a veteran in the sales marketing and promotions business (over 40 years) you may think you can't teach an old dog new tricks. After studying your excellent materials Sam, I believe we can all learn. In my long career I have rarely, if ever, experienced such professionalism and well presented, hard hitting, non conventional, high sales generating ideas and strategies."
Jack Shine
"Using one of your systems I saw my referrals from personal clients go up from three to fifteen... I've used several of your marketing ideas to become a business development consultant myself... once again thanks for giving me the opportunities."
Steve Macdonald
"Very exciting reading... Couldn't put it down... A quality Product. We have made use of some of your techniques in our business already."
Paul Brace
"Excellent... every chapter is full of solid workable information."
Fred Tarr

Optimisation Is The Key To Growth
    In short what you will learn is how to optimise your profits from every dollar or pound you spend and every effort you put into your business. You'll have the answers - the profit building answers to build your business and the life-changing answers to accelerate your personal success. This material is eye opening, sometimes unconventional but definitely tested and powerful - no theory. Use it and you'll benefit magnificently.

And Your Cost for This Incredible Collection of Stratagems?
    The Smart Achiever's Master Plan is the result of 25 years of my personal research and experience. It has taken over 1900 man-hours to assemble the materials into the most practical guide to business and personal enrichment. This would cost you $000's (if you could get it) by any other method.

    I have practically devoted my whole professional life to producing the contents of this mind-blowing publication. The information contained within is a collection of the most valuable lessons in personal and business development that you will ever come across. I've invested a fortune in collating this material but I don't think it's fair to charge you what I've paid!
Save $20
    Why am I slashing the price for you so drastically? Simple, because you are receiving a downloadable version I can make massive savings on shipping, printing and fulfilment and these savings I pass on to you. I have seen the fruits of the strategies and techniques within this genius plan and I know you'll love it.

Act Immediately And Receive The Following Bonuses. . .

Free Bonus #1
"7-Day Creating Power Email Course"
by Karim Hajee
Discover These Essential Secrets That Will Reveal How To Eliminate Strees From Your Life, Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence, and Program Yourself for Lifetime Success.

Karim Hajee has produced one of the most powerful self-improvement courses that I have ever seen. You will get simple, effective exercises everday for seven days - that will Improve Your Life Significantly.

The Creating Power System Will Change Your Life Forever! Best of All It Only Requires 5-Minutes A Day!

Free Bonus #2
"As A Man Thinketh"
The Timeless Wisdow of James Allen
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

As A Man Thinketh is partly responsible for the creation of the entire personal development industry. Most contemporary PD authors and teachers credit this little book for providing foundation to their principles. It is a set of philosophical musings on the power of our thoughts.

Earl Nightingale, widely regarded as the father of modern day personal development, in his best-selling recording, called the ideas in this book, "The Strangest Secret". The secret, he said, is "we become what we think about".

Free Bonus #3
"Making Money, Creating Wealth:
Your Guide to Personal Financial Independence"
by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
This is a must read for anyone who wants to take charge of their finances and invest for their future.

Phil has poured more than 30 years of experience into producing a clear and practical guide to understanding, keeping and making more money.

If you are serious about making money and achieving financial independence, this is fantastic platform to get started!

    One more thing. It's important.

You Canít Lose With Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee
    I want you to be completely satisfied with everything you receive from me. The business building and life enhancing strategies revealed in my publication must work for you in producing high profit returns.

    Here's what I'm going to do ...

    Download the 'Smart Achievers Master Plan' Right Now and start benefiting from this powerful information today. Then take a full 90 days to put it to the test and if you are not 100% satisfied that it is everything I say it is I'll refund your money with no questions asked.

    Remember you receive a copy of 'The Smart Achiever's Master Plan' for just $47 (a saving of $50 on the hard-copy price) You review it for a full 90 days studying and using the 47 strategies and the 11 Bonus Reports.

    Discover for yourself how profit and success generating this information is to your life and business.

    If - at any time within 90 days - after you've had a chance to examine and apply some of the ideas, you do not agree - for any reason whatsoever - that the insider secrets and the specific information revealed, will help you grow your individual business and transform your life faster than you ever dreamed possible, increase your bottom line profits exponentially, give you powerful competitive advantage, and increase your own levels of peace, happiness and prosperity just ask me for a refund and your money will be refunded promptly with no questions asked.

Download the 'Smart Achievers Master Plan' Right Now and start benefiting from this amazing information today.

    Download Now. It's your risk free opportunity to participate in a life changing experience. All I ask is that you examine and study seriously the powerful materials and evaluate sensibly the massive potential in these discoveries.

    I believe this is the fairest offer I can make. These ideas can transform your business and personal life. Order now without risk.

Wishing You Balanced Success,

Sam J. Webb

    PS. Remember any one of these ideas could have a profound and lasting affect on your business but can you imagine the advantage you gain by having the total collection of these 217 business building and life enriching gems at your disposal to infuse into your personal growth Plan? You will notice positive changes immediately you begin to use them and your new competitive advantage, gained from the Smart Achiever's Master Plan, will remain with you long term.

    PPS. Here's One Final Extra Bonus that I know you'll love (just in case you aren't already totally convinced for some unknown reason!!) order now and you will receive ...
"Dissection of a Sales Letter".
    The ultimate and concise mini-course to writing killer sales copy. This report shows you how you can create killer sales copy for any of your business products or services in the most practical way you can imagine.

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