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What Others are Saying
"The first program I've see which integrates the world's timesless wisdom and comtemporary business strategams into a potentially high income generating business system while bringing you harmony and balance. This plan can transform your life. I love it."
Joe Vitale (Mr Fire)
On 'The Smart Achiever's Master Plan'

"The only word to describe it is "riveting". It is a short and easy read. It is not just for 'salesmen'. It is for job seekers, promotion seekers, marketers...anybody who will ever need to sell a product, service or themselves. I recommend you read it, because it will help you succeed".
David Leonhardt (The Happy Guy)
On 'The Psychology Beneath The Marketing'

"This information is fabulous and life-affirming."
Karen Costa
Subscriber to 'The Seeds of Balanced Success' mini-course

"I am most impressed indeed. For the first time in a very long time of daily reading promotional stuff I really feel, you care about giving me some real value, instead a lot of creative promises and curiostity that can only be satisfied if I "buy." "
Wesley McCorkindale
Reader of 'The Psychology Beneath The Marketing'

"What a wonderful idea definitely what the UK business scene needs and I can't think of a better entrepreneur to offer such a profitable and success driven package."
Mangla Sachdev
Writer and Director of The Publicity Workshop

"The Forum (NFBS) has a powerful message - if you want to change your life and career and have balance, harmony and prosperity, then you can learn these advanced ways and techniques and by applying these you will lead a happier and more successful life."
Torab Bezchi
Stress Management Consultant

"As the whole concept involves helping others improve both their businesses and themselves, by getting involved I'll be able to influence hundreds of others for the good, helping them to improve their businesses and their personal lives. I joined up myself even though I already receive substantial income from my business interests."
John Lisgo
Publisher, Entrepreneur

"At Last I feel I can move forward with confidence. It's like having your personal mentor with you all the way."
Bryan Bowles
Network Marketer

"It's all focused in one package. Doesn't compare. No competition."
A. Hotchkiss

"Far superior to anything else - more help and encouragement too."
W. Hughes

"Outstanding Concept. Very clear presentation."
A. McGuigan

"More financially rewarding than anything I've ever seen."
P. Devlin
N. Ireland

"The course content is excellent."
J. Thompson
Holywood (N.Ireland)

"No one else offers this follow through support. Very generous compensation plan."
I. Austin
Milton Keynes