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NFBS Discovery Seminar
The first NFBS Seminar took place on Saturday 13th March and was a tremendous success.

The event was an enriching and rewarding experience for all of those in attendance. There was an abundance of 'wealth creating' 'awe inspiring' 'life transforming' information and material.

Guests were captivated by presentations from a panel of high achievers who revealed the key strategies, techniques and skills required for a successfully balanced life.

- Lyndon Morris gave an incredible introduction to 'Mind Technology'

- Sam Webb revealed the magic in marketing

- Hazel Hassan provided an insight into the world of successful trading and property investment

- Karl Webb outlined his approach to the NFBS Business Opportunity

This was an opportunity to tap into the techniques and strategies of success. If you missed it, do not miss it next time.

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Posted: 15/03/2004
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NFBS Discovery Seminar