Experience The Evidence Of The Unseen
The National Forum for Balanced Success 'Seeds of Balanced Success' Series provides you with a brief overview of the 12 cornerstone principles essential for your Balanced Success.

It can serve as a refresher and a reminder when you feel your balance may be slightly off track or when you simply need to reflect on the vital food that feeds our mind and soul.

Cornerstone Principle 2:

Experience The Evidence Of The Unseen

The Apostle said "Faith is the evidence of the things unseen, the substance of things hoped for". This is referring to the power of vision and belief. You must experience your goals internally before they become a reality. Sounds simple...it is! The fact is that experiencing something internally before it has actually happened dramatically increases your chances of making it become a reality. It's belief before understanding.

"As a man thinketh so is he"
James Allen

Activity 2

If you have not read "As a man thinketh" by the inspirational James Allen, you simply must. If you have read it, why not read it again.

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