Create Your Own Personal Roadmap
The National Forum for Balanced Success 'Seeds of Balanced Success' Series provides you with a brief overview of the 12 cornerstone principles essential for your Balanced Success.

It can serve as a refresher and a reminder when you feel your balance may be slightly off track or when you simply need to reflect on the vital food that feeds our mind and soul.

Cornerstone Principle 1:

Create Your Own Personal Roadmap

It's your life. Where you are now, where you want to go, what you want to do is entirely up to you. You're the programmer, the navigator and the driver. Create a roadmap that suits you, one that facilitates growth, development and fulfilment.

Your internal map of reality is designed by the roles you play. It is important that you review these roles and assess how compatible each of them are with your values. It is your values that shape your overall purpose or your mission. All of your goals, long and short term, should be designed around your mission leading to harmony and congruency.

"If it is to be it is up to me"

Activity 1

Think seriously about where you want to be in ten years time. What do you want to be doing? Who with? And where? Now actually visualise it. Hear the voices around you, smell, touch and feel exactly what is around you. Don't hold back, make this as fantastic as you want. See yourself celebrating the achievement of your goal. Hear the applause, feel the pat on the back, taste the champagne as you sip.
Be passionate. Denis Waitley advises us to "Chase Your Passion, Not Your Pension". Passion inspires purpose and purpose inspires action.

Review your current roles and assess how compatible they are with your values. Place more focus on the roles driven by your values.

Design your roadmap towards your specified destination.

  • Be specific, ensure that all the milestones are measurable so that you can monitor your progress
  • Ensure that you have challenged yourself adequately but remember that you are in the driving seat so believe that the challenges are achievable and realistic
  • Put a timescale on your journey and work towards that
  • Write your roadmap down please and refer to it frequently (this has been scientifically proven to improve results!)
  • Remember above all to be passionate about your journey!

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